About us

Internationally focused multilingual family business with profound knowledge of Italy, built up in various fields and decades. Active now for 14 years in the Umbria/Tuscany region as a trustworthy partner, knowing the shiny as well as the raw side of this beautiful country. Karin Wienand, german born, started Hannibal Properties in 2008 after passing the official exam and becoming a fully licensed Italian estate agent and member of the national broker's organization FIMA. Combining kindness with the ability to scrutinize complicated procedures and details, she stole the heart of lots of customers, Italian and none. Now 21-year-old son Max, born in South Africa, where his father Eelco van der Linden (NL) was working as Africa-correspondent for Dutch media, went through the Italian (High) school system and joined the team recently, bringing in creativity and new marketing tools.
We operate as an agent for buying and selling (in the Umbria-Tuscany area), preferring acting on a sole mandate in order to focus completely on one’s property and individual wishes. We like to present ourselves also as an exclusive purchase broker for Italian and international clients shifting the search area in that case to the whole of Italy.


Buying Properties

  • Dedicated research
  • Aftercare, meaning getting started without problems in a new house, in a new environment
  • Assisting and organizing building and renovation projects
  • Assistance by transforming your property in a vacation rental business
  • Complete property management, also for touristic purposes
  • Selling properties

  • Detailed analysis of the properties papers, floor plans, permits and land register
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Online presence
  • Targeting the right audience for your property
  • Full assistance during the entire selling process
  • Client Testimonials


    Why Choose us

    • Multilingual Staff
    • Profound knowledge of the Italian Burocracy
    • Dedicated and skilled team members
    • Guidance and Care Before AND After The sale

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    Localita Fontine, 10

    Tuoro sul Trasimeno (PG)


    Phones: +39-3484326800, +39-3499111970

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    9:00 am to 7:00 pm


    9:00 am to 7:00 pm

    Sunday by appointment only

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